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A Welcoming Triumph Family

When I was riding east Team Triumph of Wisconsin raised their garage doors for Amelia and I welcoming us with open arms. I went in for a simple oil change and came out feeling a part of their truly family run operation.

They took great care of us and ended up doing a chain and sprocket change, brake pads, filter cleaning and oil change… they sponsored all this service and got us back on the road that evening. (Triumph North America stepped up again and provided all the parts for the service. They have been wonderfully supportive and have been reimbursing the parts back to the dealerships for Amelia and I)
On the way to Alaska Triumph North America was at the ready to get us Alaska and Dalton Highway ready. They provided new shocks and bash plate to Triumph of Missoula, MT. The team in Missoula took great care of us providing oil change, filter cleaning, putting on of the new shocks, bash plate and re-routing a filter and lengthening a tube I had issues with when it rained! We were back on the road – happy and safe and ready for Canada and Alaska.

Thank you greatly to the team and family of Triumph –I am always pleasantly surprised of your support on this journey – you have been instrumental!


1 Comment on A Welcoming Triumph Family

  1. I’m so glad to hear another biker has had the chance to expirance the “Team Triumph of Wisconsin Family” so few dealers out there have such comradiry beyond motorcycles.

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