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A few weeks ago I began pondering with the fastness of Alaska vanishing below me as I flew to Hawaii. I could not believe I was almost finishing my year on the road. It has been so much….well so much more than I ever thought and filling for my heart and soul and allowing a growth in areas I did not even know could expand.

I have been challenged in ways that I did not know before and stretched in ways that have made me a better and stronger person. I have become more raw to the connections and the importance of them between people, and the raw emotion that started around month 4 is still ever-present.

The wonderful thing about a journey of this magnitude is that you will carry it with you for the rest of your life, and doubly beautiful is that hopefully it is just one of many!

So on a bike that is a “street bike” I put on over 52,000 miles and covered ground in all 50 states and 3 provinces of Canada! (completed over 40,000 miles toward a Guinness World Record ride in the lower 48 states-will go into application process as soon as I return home in late – Sept.) Amelia did amazing and only needed routine maintenance, it is odd how your bike becomes a bit of a companion as you venture alone out there – sometimes on quite deserted roads. I was very proud of many of the roads we took on together – the Blue Ridge Parkway, Tail of the Dragon, the Dalton Highway, Natchez Trace, the Arctic Circle, and so much more!

I have camped in every state and seen family in many states that I have not seen in years, and friends that were long distance are now rekindled connections! I don’t think I can fully process this journey (first because it is not over – I still have a good 1500 miles to ride) but just the enormity of the journey – it will be wonderful to go back and read my journals and create the chapters for the book that will be written from this adventure! It will be in this process that memories fly back into clear view and I will be able to see as I look back how they changed me…I feel calmer and a little more distant which is something that I am sure will make acclimation back into “life” ( I don’t say real or normal life because I believe my real life – non-normal: is ingrained and will not change)… a little different and a challenge in itself.

Only time will tell how the reintegration goes but for now I still have over a week of riding to complete and more new sites to see along the winding path home!

*”ponderance” before I get critics saying – weird that is not a word…I like the composition of  it so I am taking artistic / poetic license as it fits for this entry – and depending on how you define it, or look up its meaning, it makes it into some forms of the dictionary.image

4 Comments on *”Ponderance”

  1. Well done Ms. Lynn… my helmet if off to you!

  2. Thomas Vasconcellos // September 21, 2015 at 3:09 am // Reply

    Nice work Danell – and I like Ponderance – always amused by the new words politicians use but your “ponderance” works. I ducked in from the rain and just by chance caught your presentation at Overland Expo last May and was inspired. I was there checking out 4WD overland RV’s and instead ended up buying a BMW adventure bike and have traveled over 9000 miles since. Thanks for relighting my fire Danell and believe me if I ever run into you in a diner on the road I won’t hesitate to say hello. Ciao and safe travels! Tom.

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