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Are you ever coming home?

I have a small handful of very good friends back in Arizona and from one of them in Phoenix -on a happy birthday text- she wrote -“Happy Birhtday, miss you – are you ever coming home?”

This was such a perfect statement to the freedom and excitement the open roads holds. There are things that we can change about ourselves (and thank god for that – because we all need a little maintenance every now and then) but for the parts that are almost ingrained…these are hard to lose and get rid of…and I would never try.

The wildness within a heart to just be open in the world is such a luxury in this day and age because it is possible to see the world in ways that other generations did not have open to them. And the fact that my friend knows my heart so well…and honestly if I had funding or found a way to create the funds to be on the road or a citizen of the world changing home every few months…I probably would (I am always looking at new possibilities) which is why this made me laugh and cry!

Laugh because it is so true to my being – “are you ever coming home” and cry because – I never have felt at home anywhere – I grew up moving a lot but being gone and having very close friends in AZ and much of my family- is Arizona home – I wondered! I really don’t like the summer heat but I also have never had friends like those I have right now and maybe right now Arizona will be home! And when it is time to change then it will change again. For now after this journey I am returning to Arizona – for how long – it is too soon to tell as there are a few exciting options on the table and maybe I will back on the open road in just 7- 9 months later – only time will tell.

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  1. Amazing journey Danell.

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