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People often ask what inspired me to take this trip and I never had a clear and short answer…I guess the simplest I could make is to answer – LIFE!

If you have caught my talk on the journey and the inspirational 4 min video I created I cover different thing from childhood to adulthood that help to shape the person I am which is the person who made the choice to take on such a journey.

While on the journey inspiration can change and occasionally being moved by those that you may be inspiring. It is this young girl – in the image below that makes me want to write better, tell stories more, travel more and inspire those that are not sure they want to get out there…or to those young and wild souls like Zoe’s. And to the parents of these “different”,”independent” hearts – cheers to you as we are not the easiest to raise! But to all the parents out there that open little hearts to the world through literature or experiential travel much love your way. And a big high-five to those like little Zoe’s family that have your “little girls” on bikes!

I have been communicating with her family as I have traveled and she is one of my biggest supporters and has big dreams of travel and motorcycles. I have this picture saved on my I-pad and until this blog maybe she did not know that she is also my inspiration – If having a rough day out there on the road, I just looked at that photo and it brought a big smile to my face and reminded me how great this journey is and the journey of life! So to Zoe – thank you!


2 Comments on What Inspired This

  1. Hi Danell, I love “What Inspired This”! The pictures of Zoe could have been of you! It is no surprise that you were drawn to her! Love Ya, Aunt Maryann

  2. thanks Aunt Maryann, she is a special young lady with big dreams!

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