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It helps, when living an adventurous life, to surround yourself with others that are living in that realm!

After returning home it was one chaotic mess after another: the SPOT tracker files were not correct (a problem within the SPOT system that they did fix so I could send it on to Guinness), then the internet went out, the air conditioner broke, the fan on the swamp cooler stop spinning, then the dishwasher…it is was only week 2 home!  If you ever felt like you needed a sign – well, I could not figure out what this was trying to tell me as I had a deadline to submit my evidence for the Guinness World Record…and I honestly got to the point of wondering – “really, what now!”

Fast forward a couple more weeks and inspiration knocked on the front door when Adventure Trio came to visit on their ride home from over a year through the US, Central and South America! It was wonderful to chat over morning coffee and tell stories by the bonfire with cider!

We led very different trips, but our hearts were the same led by adventure and cultural exploration, excited by living life fully and never letting a moment pass you by. This family of three had become a part of my heart and family about 3 years ago. Sometimes you just meet special people and when you do, you hold on like crazy.

I am very proud of this trio and all that they have accomplished. Check out more at http://www.adventureTrio.com

2 Comments on Life – Adventure

  1. Hi Danell! I can’t believe all the things that went wrong in your home in 2 weeks back!! Ugh, that was unnecessary I think, but apparently it was required of you for some bizarre reason! I’m so glad the Trio showed up to give you positive energy when you needed it and that all is well!
    Aunt Maryann

  2. Hi Danell, What new adventure are you going to achieve now, we know you are a strong will person, hoping you the best.

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