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A little slice of heaven… and man do I feel blessed. I am currently living down inside the Grand Canyon in Havasupai Village. I visited here with my family as a tourist 13 years ago for camping and hiking to the falls. And now I get the pleasure to hike this magical setting every weekend.

It is hard to explain the peacefulness of seclusion that is held here. I live near others that fly out every weekend and need to “get-away” and I have yet to even feel the need to venture “top-side” back out into the chaos of typical life. But even in this gorgeous setting, there are things that still need done, and groceries will pull me out of the canyon in a couple weeks as my food stash dissipates.

I have put in over 30 miles of hiking in my first month here and feel so lucky to be here, and yet I also know it is part of life’s journey and the current plan is just 6 months so I try to take advantage of it every chance I get. If you are not familiar with the Havasupai reservation (the most remote in our nation) it is a must google…and if you plan to hike down and camp to experience this wondrous landscape – be sure to plan in advance! They are already booked solid till August for this year! Just in the last three weeks I have met hikers from Japan, Canada, New York, and the busy season is just starting.


3 Comments on There is a saying…

  1. Thank you sharing. Happy to know you are continuing your adventures!

  2. Good for you that is an awesome place.

  3. motoventures // February 9, 2016 at 8:31 pm // Reply

    Very cool! Just watched a documentary about the reservation and it was amazing! Hope you enjoy every moment.

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