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AMA Vintage Days -Featured Speaker

Was a wonderfully amazing ride, taking the journey of a year on the road and traveling to all 50 states. The ride has continued into many new directions and exciting opportunities! One of those being a featured speaker at the AMA Vintage Days, this July 9 and 10th!

I have been an AMA member for over 4 years, and visited the Hall of Fame while out on my journey last year! It has been a wonderful AMA for me with hitting the cover of their June members magazine, and then July speaking at the Vintage Days…what will August bring…besides a wonderful 35 years walking and riding this earth!

Check out the below link:

AMA Vintage Motorcycle Days Will Feature A Number Of Seminars



1 Comment on AMA Vintage Days -Featured Speaker

  1. drmajohnson // June 17, 2016 at 1:08 pm // Reply

    Danell you had such a fantastic experience while you rode your motorcycle to make records in
    history! WHAT WILL THE FUTURE HOLD FOR YOU? I hope only the best of everything comes to you! Love Ya, Aunt Maryann

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