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It has been a long time coming, and planning started during my last journey, but as with a group / team ride there are a lot more components than with a solo ride. The bikes are just awaiting our last set of batteries and then we will off! I will be departing Arizona the end of July 2016 heading up to Alaska!

I would love to introduce the next journey that I am honored to be the selected female rider for Expedition Electric.

We begin in Prudhoe Bay Alaska-August 2016. The Northern most terminus of the Pan-American highway opens to 25,000 miles of excitement for three riders and a film crew who seek to power past the challenges of the road in the name of adventure and advancement in green technology on electric motorcycles.

A team of 3 riders will undertake a challenge that has never been attempted; to travel over 25,000 miles, through 15 countries on custom built green technology electric touring motorcycles. The production crew from Diamondhead Films will capture it all in high definition.

Leaving Prudhoe Bay, Alaska July of 2016 and arriving in Tierra del Fuego, Argentina, this 8-month trip will follow a colorful group of characters as they put themselves and their prototype machines to the ultimate test of endurance in some of the worlds most exciting, beautiful and dangerous locations.

See the journey below or through this link: https://youtu.be/u3wFXjFaOPE


Thank you to our sponsors who have jumped on at the beginning of the adventure! Alpine StarMosko Moto, Avon Tyres, Moto-Skivees, Mr. Heater, Bell Helmets, Go Treads, Safe Jacks, Cyclops Adventure Sports, Cardo, Brutus, Diamond Head Films, Konflict Moto Suspension, Blackdog, Fun Inc., Seat Concepts,

5 Comments on The NEXT Adventure

  1. You go Girl!!

    Sent from my Verizon, Samsung Galaxy smartphone

  2. This is soooo exciting!!!! Have a shitload of fun!!!!

  3. duc748ryder // July 7, 2016 at 11:08 am // Reply

    Congratulations for earning the dream of a lifetime adventure! Great follow up to your Guinness motorcycle adventure.

  4. You are a true adventure person, I wish you well and safe travel, can’t wait to hear from you.

  5. Mary McGee // July 8, 2016 at 12:32 am // Reply

    Congratulations and have a terrific trip, look forward to pictures and story.

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