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Mountain Office

The idea of “the office” is in constant change and to think it can be 2.5 hours north of Whistler, Canada – off the side of the road at a free campground surrounded by a height in mountains that can only help remind you of how tiny you really are, and that all the things that might be bumps are oh so tiny!

The rustling of the leaves as the colder winds blow in remind us of the season we are chasing north. And no matter how many riders or travelers we meet along the path to Prudhoe Bay that let us know we are too late…we venture on knowing as a team and as journey seekers – that just because we are 4 weeks later than we expected…we will go and we will ride the Dalton on electric bikes and it will be amazing!

We had a pause for a few days in Vancouver, not because we did not need to push north but also because this is bigger than just one trip, so we took the time to inspire future travelers and share our story on the national CTV Vancouver stations and then did some sizzle reel work with our production company (Diamond Head Films) because the dream for this journey has been big all along.  And as all those who know me, you have heard it a time or two that – I will shoot for the stars and if I miss I still will land on the mountain top … and it should be an epic one with Expedition Electric for sure!


*Photo Credits: Mark Hall

1 Comment on Mountain Office

  1. Great to meet you all! I will be following you as best I can- The Skull Barber

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