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The Ride Ahead

Photo Credit Mark Hall

People often wonder why I make the decisions I do…I really don’t have the perfect answer – but one thing is for sure – you feel a lot less “questioned” when there are 5 of you going north when the rest of the rigs and travelers head south.

Yes – we are pushing season, Yes – this was not the planned time, and yes – this is where we are right now and we will push forward and go for our goals! In a few days we depart for Prudhoe Bay with hearts wide open to the adventure and challenge that lies ahead of us, will we make Prudhoe or just the Arctic circle…only going on the road and seeing its condition will tell us.

And by the way – 9 black bears, 3 elk, 1 moose, 2 bald eagles, 2 rabbits….and the list goes on! I loved the ride through Canada and Alaska last year and am excited to be doing it again. The vastness of this countryside is astounding and never gets old.


2 Comments on The Ride Ahead

  1. Good luck, I’ll be praying for good weather for you!

  2. Maybe you need to make a visit to the local tribal elders and have them give you some good travel blessings. Looking forward to hearing more about the adventure.

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