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Purposeful Pause

Photos by Mark Hall.ca

After having ridden electric bikes from the Arctic Circle, Alaska and into Haines Junction, Canada – we woke up prepping to ride when we had some technical issues and ride concerns that need addressed, so with heavy hearts we had to load the bikes into the trailer and pause.

PAUSE is the key word, we are not done, we are pioneers and if it were easy it would have been done, time and time again! We will head back down into the US and to Seattle to do a few weeks of work on the bikes. This first ride has been such a learning curve for us all, and we are better educated on the technology and the ideas to make this dream a reality.

So we pause with purpose, and will take some time to visit family and friends – recharging our own batteries and then will jump back into this expedition! I will keep you posted as the new departure date progresses, from what we know now, it will be at least a couple weeks paused.

BUT we have ridden through Alaska on Electric Bikes – (insert here digital high-five!!) Cheers to all those that have been following our journey, your support has been wonderful!

(a great featured image by Mark Hall during our ride day on the Dalton Hwy, Alaska)

5 Comments on Purposeful Pause

  1. Congrats for making it that far. We take the internal combustion engine for granted!

  2. Michael Nehlsen // September 24, 2016 at 6:36 pm // Reply


    You and the team are doing great thus far, thanks for all the updates so I can follow along. Keep the Faith and the Shiny Side Up…




  3. Glad to hear you are not giving up. Remember the only rite of a pioneer is a butt full of arrows. Continue to lead and others will follow. Now I need to tear apart my tread mill and scavenge the DC motor so I can mount it on my mini bike.

  4. William jJordan // September 25, 2016 at 12:56 pm // Reply

    WE will be waiting for the pause to end, I know u r going to defeat this as u always do like a true champ.

  5. There is no Try! Only Do – Yoda. I’m pretty sure he never rode a motorcycle lol.

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