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Limbo not Limitation

Our purposeful pause is still in effect, and we are in essence in limbo…but this does not mean adventure limiting.

Last night Amelia came home and dad and I outfitted her with a new quick up windshield and prepped for the next journey.

Today I depart south with a group of friends from Cali for a 15 day Colonial Cities Tour of Mexico! Many of us have never met before but with a few days to plan it – Amelia is going back on the road for another adventure and another country expanding cultural exploration and making new friends along the way.

I will be running my spot tracker starting in about an hour once I depart, and will again be creating some new films for my you-tube webisodes!! Excited to be back behind the camera as rider, writer, and editor!

Follow along as we ride daily here:




2 Comments on Limbo not Limitation

  1. Gooooooo Amelia!

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  2. Hasta la vista baby!

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