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Pausing from a great adventure (Expedition Electric) is never easy and while we waited I got word about a 2-week jaunt through Mexico. My friend Mark ended up not being able to go just days before – so I packed my bags, put on my big girl pants and hit the road for the adventure with 4 riders I had never met.

It was the evening before our border crossing and we were to meet in Bisbee. As I was locating parking at our haunted hotel on Halloween weekend I pulled my bike forward just as another bike pulled in behind me! I looked over waved and hoped it was part of our group as we were in helmets and had never met, also they had a bit of dirt on the gear already so I thought they must be fellow adventure riders!

Turns out in their visit to Tombstone a car backed into them knocking them over and causing Nancy some injured ribs for the rest of the ride, something that is not great for the thousands of “Tope’s” in Mexico.

The trip was set up as a colonial cities tour with little side trips to places of interest. Day one was a smooth border crossing and very smooth for my bike permit and we were off…very quickly to hit rutted and bumped out dirt roads from construction to soft sandy dirt with some depth at times and even some gravel. I thought – wow  a mini Dalton in the first 100 miles – what will Mexico hold! Amelia did great, although I cannot say the same for the quick Amazon purchase of a windshield that rattled off its bracket on those first roads. Zip ties are such great friends for motorcycle riders!

Overall the trip was amazing! We had varying degrees of weather and road conditions, we had many great meals and unique hotels, there was not much that could be described as “dull” and becuase of this I will be doing a multi-part blog on the sites and locations that this almost 4,000 mile journey interacted with. Looking forward to sharing the trip with you and inspiring others to venture out beyond the border!


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