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Riding in another land

There is something about the joy of crossing borders, of knowing that you will have days filled with new and unique experiences. And some that are not so different…I remember the gas station meals when pushing to hit a location before dark on my last bit journey as well. These meals in Mexico, I must say, were my least favorite.

The variety of roads was a joy!  On ride day 2, that was to be a meandering slow mountain ride became a long journey. We had a late start due to a bike issue the day before (not Amelia)

Then we stopped for a metal piece sticking out of a fellow riders tire and while pausing for this to be fixed while also trying to cool down and find some shade, I thought I should move Amelia as I was in 2 spaces in front of a small community store. Well as it goes I should have just let her rest and de-geared to cool myself, but damn the polite nature. As I shouldered the weight and began tipping, I thought, “oh here I go.”  Those slow motion tip-overs are the worst as you try and slowly lay down 500 pounds to cause the least amount of damage. I could not figure out why she slipped like that – until I looked over at the separation of asphalt and dirt and the crumbled road. This is a first – I have never broken the road before, so I guess if you are going to fall it may as well have the humor of breaking the edge of asphalt!  We were fine just pride bruised, luckily when you are on a group ride, there was another tip-over of fellow riders bike in a parking lot days later – so the bruise healed! 🙂

It is not just the excitement of roads in Mexico but what borders them. As we rode passing goats, horses, cows – all just walking or feasting right along the roads. They occasionally venture across right in front of you and as you pass the large animals without doors for protection – you make eye contact, and inside I would let them know to stay calm I will pass soon. I loved it!

The next day we would ride to Real de Catorce and adventure down miles of cobblestone roads and into the mountains for a castle like experience and Amelia’s downslide with damage…to come in the next blog! This city is one of my favorites even though I had to pull out the tools to correct a break!

*The featured picture for this blog is from the crossing on the border and having attained my permits for Amelia – Mexico here we come!*

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  1. Sounds like an exciting adventure. Will you cover this trip during the Mountain Moxie event?

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