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A Different Kind

Last November I wrote about my motorcycle riding in Mexico and this month I find myself on a different kind of Mexican adventure!

Spring Break with some of my family at a resort on Puerto Penasco. Although it may not be what first comes to mind…for me I have never made it to Rocky Point during spring break – I know I know – how is that possible being from Arizona – well I am not really into surrounding myself with the masses of drunkenness. So I was hesitant to arrive during the month of March.

I can pleasantly state that we stayed off the beaten path at the Mayan Palace, and I spent my days floating the lazy river, dipping in the hot tub, swimming/snorkeling in the ocean and shell collection…and one day I even scored a cabana for a day of reading and knitting!

So not your typical “rocky point” spring break although we did take in a day of quad riding snip2.JPGand I am happy to say, my nephews, my folks, my eldest brother and wife all got on the quads and road in the adventurous nature that is the family I grew up in!

This week I was down playing in the sun and sand and my new blog for RideNow came out that chronicled my 4000 mile trip last November on 2 wheels. Read it here: RideNow Blog

Hope you had a wonderful kick off to spring!


2 Comments on A Different Kind

  1. Good Morning young lady, Just FYI, I found your Ride Now Blog you did last month, I had not heard of the company until you did your blog, Long story short, My wife is scared of motorcycle because of a couple of incidents, but she loves 4 wheelers etc.
    We found her the perfect bike at your RideNow store in Kansas City, so we bought a Can Am Spyder for her last month, Video on it is already posted, but thought I would share it with you since you are the one who lead us to the site and how we found the bike. I put you down as the referral. Hope you have a blessed week young lady.

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