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Skyline Caverns

Just one mile from the entrance to Skyline Drive (a road I referenced in the last blog about Shenandoah National Park) sits the Skyline Caverns. With the temperatures hot and humid it was the perfect time to go underground at a comfortable 54 degrees.

Sometimes in life, it is hard to wait for that next thing, no matter what it is we feel impatient, and there is nothing like the rare Anthodites to help put that feeling into perspective.  Growing only 1 inch every 7000 years, these “Orchids of the Mineral Kingdom” are still secretive about how they are formed, creating a little mystery to your tour. A rare mineral only found in 5 locations (according to our guide) around the world, and this is the only site you can view it because these are privately owned caverns.

In 1937 Walter S. Amos discovered Skyline Caverns, and it has been a gem for visitors and geologists for years.  From stalagmites like the “Shrine” to wishing wells and waterfalls, from flagstone to Fairy Lake there is much to enjoy below the surface. Open every day of the year with the caverns but also a train (that was not running the day I visited) and a dragon maze.

For more visit: www.Skylinecaverns.com 

2 Comments on Skyline Caverns

  1. Hey Darnell,
    This is Malcolm, remember me? Are you still in the VA and NC mountains? Let me know if you are; maybe I can meet you somewhere up there.
    Happy 4th weekend,

  2. Thanks for sharing, I will have to plan a trip there.

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