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Culture Exploration in Pakistan

With a goal of cultural exploration, it takes on a new adventurous meaning when the travel involves going for enjoyment and knowledge in a country the world seems to enjoy fearing. Traveling well beyond just the beautiful landscapes that our two-wheels will take us and into the passions of the people, in their schools, workplace and oh so much more!
I am joining on a ride brought to my attention back at AMA Vintage days in 2016 by Liza Miller. It is an all-women motorcycle expedition of Pakistan that will hold a riding workshop with demos, tips, and support of women riders -empowering them to ride to work, have reliable transportation, and to then, in turn, empower the young girls they see every day.
A few of the women I know, a few I know of, but all I am honored to be riding with and to hear their stories of adv riding! Elspeth Beard (I recently wrote about her in a RideNow Blog) is the first British woman to ride around the world solo, and Ruth Belcher of Global Moto ADV, Liza Miller the organizer of this great ride and the producer/host at Motorcycles and Misfits Podcast…and so many others that I can’t wait to meet and learn about.
Add to all of that Threading Hope and Highwire are partnering with The Marshall Direct Fund and doing art projects and quilt deliveries with one of their schools. We are very excited and cannot wait to get some of our many beautifully quilted creations to families that will cherish them.
We hope for this to become a documentary, create bonds with local men and woman, and forge a lifetime of empowerment & compassion. But you can bet that it will be a webisode on my YouTube Channel – (which thank you, viewers! Almost at 100,000 views – honored and humbled) and keep up with the journey even when I do not have Wifi by following the Spot Tracker, and when there is wireless internet see the updates on Instagram, Facebook, and here on this blog.
Cheers and I look forward to sharing my experience with you. Happy riding – I fly out tomorrow on Sept 6th and return the 22nd.
Packed up with just a few bags (lol see picture below) only 2 are my person for riding and adventuring – 3 are donation bags!

*side note no idea why wordpress keeps taking out my spacing – sorry for the jumbled look*- gotta get to bed to fly.

3 Comments on Culture Exploration in Pakistan

  1. Barbara Wright // September 6, 2017 at 10:29 am // Reply

    What an exciting, yet scary, adventure! Safe travels!!!

  2. I would love to do this trip!

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