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Youth Travel Scholarship 2018 Selection

It is always exciting to watch travel light up the hearts and minds of our youth.  2018 marked a goal for me, as I have wanted to launch a Youth Travel Scholarship for a few years now. ( blog on the Scholarship)

We are excited to announce our 2018 recipient of the first annual Youth Travel Scholarship – Henry Savin! In order to win the scholarship, an essay was required and Henry showed a deep understand of the growth that travel can create. Here are some tidbits that moved us!

” If I get the chance to travel outside of what I know to be who I am, I will discover the qualities of diversity that’ll broaden my knowledge of the existing world.”

“Whenever I travel, I only need to bring some clothes, money, and maybe a camera. To
travel with a scholarship, and knowing that this will be one of my most educational trips, I’ll also bring an open mind, and a clean and clear notebook…

The journeys I’ve taken in life are ones where I haven’t really retained any knowledge about the world outside of where I live. To get the chance to travel to someplace where I can learn about what I’m missing out on as a kid would be the most insightful experience I’ll be on in a long time.”

Henry will be keeping us updated on Instagram with the #YouthTravelScholarship, @DanellLynn. And when he returns be ready for a guest post on this blog, directly from this young man! He left for Boston this week and will return with an expanded mind that only travel can create! Stay Tuned.


2 Comments on Youth Travel Scholarship 2018 Selection

  1. William jordan // March 20, 2018 at 4:47 pm // Reply

    We are glad to see the children have something to look forward to with a kind an loveable HEART like you. GOD BLESS YOU and all that you do.

  2. Absolutely awesome!!

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