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The Wonder of Wandering

In a past blog for RideNow I wrote about the power behind our pull to wander, check it out:

Pakistan   Group ride Mexico

For as long as history goes back there is evidence of travel and our need/desire for the nomadic nature. We traveled by foot hundreds of miles, then horse and carriage we ventured thousands more, then came automobiles, motorbikes, ferries and planes… and oh my! The world is open for exploration.
There is more world than can be seen in one lifetime, more experiences than the mind can hold in 100 years… but life is richer with every step you take towards adventure. As the saying goes, “Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.”
I sit at my desk with an antique map tacked to my wall. I have pins of adventures I have taken, and every time I look at it, my mind wonders about all the amazing places I have yet to visit.

Travel gives us a unique gift that you cannot get from anything else. It creates a desire for more and a yearning to wander. My desire for travel was highlighted when I came across motorcycle travel. It opens you up to the world unlike any other.
You experience the good and the challenges that much more. The connections to people are close at hand and not limited behind windows and doors. You also feel every raindrop, every tip-over, the stall-outs in the river crossings… and somehow these challenges continue to add to the adventure and not detract.

Motorcycle travel is unique and provides a rawness to the type of experiences… -Continue to Read the full article: https://www.ridenow.com/–blog-wonder-of-wandering-DL

3 Comments on The Wonder of Wandering

  1. William jordan // June 15, 2018 at 7:40 pm // Reply

    I know your travel will be doing the latest thing and invention of travel, you are an inspiration to all of us young and not so young, we wish you the best in all your adventures, if your ever back in SMITH MT. LAKE , VA you are always welcome to stop in

  2. I wanted to do a road trip back in 69…70…73?Vietnam kind of put a hold on that.Then boom, and a 18 month Army hospital stay.My road trip on a 650 Triumph Bonneville didn’t happen.I still ride,and love it.This summer I will take a couple of trips,but you have my respect and my fellow Vietnam veteran respect.We don’t hand that out easy. Thank you for sharing your ride.I own and ride a 2010 Thunderbird, and a 2018 Speedmaster.Ride safe. Thank you again.

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