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Young Readers Edition of Philanthropic Wanderlust


Photo credit: Michelle Green

The young reader’s edition of Philanthropic Wanderlust  called Purposeful Wanderings will be making its debut around the nation starting September 2014.  It will also have an accompanying lesson plan workbook for students and teachers to help inspire new generations of philanthropy.
During the year-long trip from Sept. 2014 to Sept. 2015 Danell Lynn will travel to all 50 states and Canada and provide a classroom set to a school in each state.
Build a heart around reading, expand your classroom bookshelves and the lives of your students. This book not only introduces your students into thinking about giving and humanitarianism but also gives them a chance to travel around the world and experience many cultures and embracing cultural diversity right from the pages.
During this year-long adventure and book delivery classrooms do not have to submit essays, just use the contact page and let Danell know of your school’s interest. She will be booking at least 1 school in each state for a classroom set of books in each state, so far she has booked schools to visit and do a reading and donation in AZ, CA, and UT.
*If you would like to sponsor a classroom set for a specific school / state please contact me directly – Danell Lynn – info@dl-couture.com, a typical classroom set is between 25-35 books (I kept the cost of each book below $10 to hopefully reach more young readers all around the globe).  You can donate anonymously or with permission I would love to name you as a thank in the information that goes out about that schools classroom set of books.*
(This young readers edition is recommended for ages 10 and above, if you are looking for cultural exploration for a younger child / student also check out – The Cultural Coloring book that has small stories)


Danell Lynn is an author and an educator. This book is a culmination of her passions-travel & learning.She holds a Master’s in Education and has spent over 7 years in the classroom as a teacher, 2 years as a Special Education Director and over 2 years working with the State Department of Education monitoring programs and data collection for submission to OSEP.She also has taught mini-lessons and arts education around the world including Malawi, El Salvador, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba and more…Bridging cultural gaps through art


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