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The Bike

I am riding a 2006 Triumph Bonneville to all 50 states and up through Canada. I bought this bike used with 20,000 miles on it and the stock exhaust has been upgraded. I have added to it a rear-rack for luggage, and an extra padded gel seat from British-Customs.

I am re-purposing the windshield my father got me for my 1982 Virago as a gift before we hit the road for our 4-corners ride that I did one summer with my father and mother. I have also sketched out a map along the bottom side of the shield to track my adventure. It will be fun to put on my stickers of my travels and then it will become my wall hanging art after the adventure!

I am big on going where people say certain bikes cannot go, now I won’t be climbing mountains but I will be hitting dirt tracks back into the forest for that perfect camping spot to wake up to only the sounds of birds, no traffic, no city noise… just bliss.

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