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Praise for Philanthropic Wanderlust
“A nomad with a heart of gold, Danell transports the reader to the remote, poverty-stricken and at times dangerous regions of the world, allowing them to witness first-hand her missions of hope. You will be hooked from the first page as you accompany this courageous, unselfish, compassionate and adventurous young woman making the world a better place for those less fortunate. An uplifting read that will no doubt encourage others to unleash their own humanitarian journey. Danell, may you continue your quest, sharing the gifts of art and heart, one country at a time, one quilt at a time.”   –
Teresa Rodriguez Emmy-Award winning Journalist and Best selling  author – Daughters of Juarez

” I believe in doing what you can with what you have, I don’t need millions to help, and if I had millions that would just mean I could help so many more.”

By the age of twenty-seven, Danell Lynn had been married, divorced, collecting university degrees, developing fashion companies, traveling the world and learning that you can definitely go your own way. Philanthropic Wanderlust will open new windows of possibilities into the magnificence of globe-trotting, the need to explore and understand cultural diversity.

This book using humor and heartache, illustrates the burning desire of one woman for compassion, fueled by wanderlust and a giving spirit that shines brightly. Chronicling five years of travel and philanthropy, celebrating life and the freedoms to go beyond the unknown and take a passionate step out of “comfort zone” life acceptance, Lynn delivers the ultimate adventure…the adventure in living. Finding laughter and fear from the northern mountains of Ecuador to the deserts of Morocco, from AIDS hospitals in Malawi to pediatric units in

Haiti, darkness and death in El Salvador to the rhythms of life in Cuba, and one can’t forget the “luck” of feces in Colombia.

“You are only given one life, one chance at fully living it…take risks, believe in your dreams, explore the world and her people, live out loud!”

Young Readers Edition of Philanthropic Wanderlust. Purposeful Wanderings recommended for ages 10 and up.

This is the book being donated around the nation to schools during Danell’s Black Tie 2 Black Top year-long journey!


cultural coloring snipExplore you artistic nature an embrace your desire to travel and see the world. This first volume of “Humanitarian Adventures of Threading Hope and Highwire” has a collection of sketches for you to bring to life with color. Travel with us as we deliver quilts and art kits to families and children around the globe. In this first volume we invite you to explore Colombia, Costa Rica, Haiti, Ecuador, Malawi and El Salvador. Coloring difficulty level ranges from easy to slightly challenging, allowing for colorists of all ages to enjoy! Sketches are printed on FRONTS of pages only.

100% proceeds of this coloring book go right back into the projects of Threading Hope and Highwire. Thank you for helping to build cultural awareness and supporting our philanthropic efforts.

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