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Travel Scholarship – Youth


Having grown up with a life of travel, vested in humanitarian work, I wanted to provide a scholarship to youth for expansion of self, borders, continents, and all the beauty that travel holds.

My hope is that the travelers will return home with a deeper understanding of the world around them, become more compassionate, and develop a love of not just the journey but the destination!

Awards are $500.00 per recipient and will be paid directly to the fund/trip the student is signed up for. The funds are paid directly to an already approved journey, similar to a scholarship for a university that would go directly to the school, not the individual. The funds are meant to support the student with the cost of their selected program.

Application Process:

-Complete an essay that discusses your desire to explore the world. If you are not applying for an international trip, including details of how a stateside journey will expand your travel horizons.  Tell us a little about your background, desire for travel, why the funds would help / important to you. (minimum essay length is 700 words with Max at 1,500)

  • The Essay opens on Jan. 1st – and closed Feb 1st. Essays must be received by email to YouthTravelScholarship@gmail.com by Feb 1st
  • Awards will be announced between Feb. 15th and 28th. The Essay application opens on Jan. 1st, any emails received before Jan 1st or after Feb 1st will not be reviewed.  (we review them by timestamp and delete all emails outside this window)
  • Applicants may only submit one application per calendar year. Applicants who are not selected may reapply in the future year, however, prior scholarship recipients are ineligible to reapply.
  • Age, applicant must be in the educational youth-age of 13 – 18 (upon award a parental/guardian release form will be signed by parent and student, as a release for photos, written work, and the schools’ information for providing the journeys funds)
  • Applicant release Photo, upon selection a photo of you will be posted to social media sites as being our 2018 #youthTravelScholarship winner (please provide your preferred photo with your application that you own the rights to and release to us for posting/marketing of the scholarship)
  • During travel, post at least three photos and/or status updates to Instagram and/or Twitter using the hashtag #YouthTravelScholarship and @DanellLynn.
  • Within 30 days of return, provide a report of your travels in a 1000 to 2100 word article, complete with your travel thoughts and how they have changed or how you have grown from the experience and how the funds helped or what the funds meant to you. Submit at least three additional photos. This will be posted as a guest blog on danelllynn.wordpress.com


Award Distribution:

  • The total amount of the award is $500.00
  • Under certain conditions, this scholarship may be taxable income. For further details, please review the IRS Taxable Scholarship qualifications here.
  • Scholarship funds are to be used solely for the international travel opportunity outlined in the travel scholarship description or approved national travel.

Selection Process:

A scholarship committee of avid travelers has been established with a combined travel log of over 120+ countries and all US states visited. The committee will score and select awardees from completed, eligible applications based on the candidate’s ability to:

  • Present a compelling case on why/how the proposed travel will benefit him/herself and others
  • Convey a genuine interest in enhancing intercultural understanding through travel
  • Demonstrate financial need
  • We reserve the right to modify this agreement and any policies of Youth Travel Scholarship. A modification is effective upon posting to our website or distribution via email or conventional mail.


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