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ADV Moto magazine – RIF

ADVMOTO tearsheet

We get into a routine and the drag of the daily repetition where something as simple as checking your mailbox becomes another task.

Unless that is you are anxiously awaiting the new issue of ADV Moto Magazine! Daily I would get out of work, find parking at my complex and briskly walk to #2021 for a mail check. I would insert the key with excitement, often to reveal a coupon newspaper and a bill. Oh but last night was different, there it sat beautifully wrapped in plastic, the new ADV Moto issue 79!

RIF – Reader In Focus feature and the first printed press on the upcoming adventure for Black tie to Black top. It is a great layout and wonderful to be a part of a magazine that I have devoured for years! Thank you to Nicole and Paul for the support.
This is the start of much more press to come, and the monotony of picking up an article or coverage or TV program…that just never does get old!

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