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4 days, 3 nights, and 15 mosquito bites…

Welcome to camping in the Everglades! Ask me if it is worth it and I will tell of my first night falling asleep to the sound of insects and waking up to the calls of birds! Finally, no traffic noise, no loud music, almost 3 months in and I had the camping I had been craving all trip!

My first day in Everglades National Park was pretty magical as well, and best described by a call I made home…hello mom and dad, “so I can’t feel my left arm, got a slight sunburn, bug bites, am completely exhausted and ABSOLUTELY loved it! – I kayaked for four hours, over 10+ miles down a canal, into a windy lake, through overgrown pass-through (had to duck under trees – the true Everglades) and made it to Mud Lake! Had a blast, just wanted to share my crazy day.”

I built campfires from wood I collected and used a couple of logs asimage well, I practiced my harmonica by the light of the fire until the bugs would cause my retreat into my tent were I would devour books on kindle in the night while serenaded by the flutter and ticking of natures own rhythm. I copied down Amazons list of 100 books to read in your lifetime and the first completed off that list “Born to Run” a  great read! And now onto a mystery/thriller not on the list and a little Hemingway to prepare for the Key West visit to Hemingway’s house! Which will be fun as last summer I went to his house in Cuba.


2 Comments on 4 days, 3 nights, and 15 mosquito bites…

  1. Love to follow these posts, sounds like an amazing camping adventure. Enjoy the open road and stay safe

  2. Happy trails to you.. Hope that you are enjoying every minuet….Love

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