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The People we Meet

Photo Credits - Adam Sandoval - ScootinAmerica

In an extended journey one meets many people, some just in passing and some that will stay with you for years to come.  Many of the people I meet are only for one day, others I am lucky enough to ride with for multiple days, some for breakfast and some from the Triumph Team that service my Amelia and  keep her safe on the road.

The internet has opened a new world to the last couple generations unlike anything else in our past. It is amazing that I can chat with people from Canada or across the pond in Europe and have well wishes from around the world (this blog is currently read in more than 74 countries and over 15,500 readers).

Many of the people I meet on the road are due to the internet, others met organically at gas stations or out roaming, and some are unique in the meeting – like that of Adam Sandoval of ScootinAmerica. A fellow nation wide rider that is living off his bike with his dog Scooter! I was lucky enough to have about 4 days through AZ this last week riding with Adam and Scooter, it was good to meet up again – we actually met a couple of months back when we were both being covered by the news stations in El Paso about our journeys.

The best chance meetings in life are the ones that change you – for the better! The ones you learn from and carry with you! I have been lucky enough to experience this throughout my trip.

On an extended solo-trip it is often quite solitary and meeting people makes for some pretty great conversations. One of my favorite passerby moments was a young man I met at the gas station – he saw my windshield and we started chatting – he had a large U-haul and was on his way from Florida to a small farm in Arkansas to live a simpler life! I felt affinity for his life choice and he for mine – it was just a moment in time but it resonates!

So cheers to the unexpected and letting your heart and mind be open to new experiences and new connections. Thank you world for such a beautiful landscape (natural and human) to explore!


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