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It is still amazing to me the reach in the world when you are open to things. I met a man named John out in California at a dealership. He was an AMSOIL rep and he covered my oil change and provided the oil for the service.

It changed the way my trip ran, kind of like changing to AVON tires, switching my oil gave me the ability to travel for longer between changes! And this month my journey got back to them, and they have covered it on their blog. I was honored, it turned into a great read…and they are hoping to put it into their magazine as well. I love when the journey is shared.  It is always an honor to inspire others and help foster dreams – that part of life will never get old no matter field I am working in (be it fashion, motorcycling, philanthropy – I love chatting about dreams and hearing that people are inspired to chase theirs.)

Cheers AMSOIL thank you greatly for the blog, Ed Newman.

Here is the link to the write – enjoy the read: http://blog.amsoil.com/amsoil-helps-motorcylist-set-guinness-world-record/

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  1. Awesome!

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  2. Great blog story AMSOIL , thanks.

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